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The #InstagramCouple

The body of my artwork emphasises identity changes which happen on social media platforms. Instagram, in particular, provides a medium for this to happen. We are all guilty of the way we create a warped but carefully contrived narrative of our lives through filtered photographs and online updates, often using facetune to alter one’s appearance.  

There is a constant obsession to mirror or emulate the posts of Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian who are always ‘insta-ready’. Kylie Jenner’s lip filler confession led to a seventy percent increase in enquiries for the procedure. Boys are also negatively influenced. Body conscious younger men influenced by social media and reality tv shows such as “Love Island” have fuelled an increase in the use of anabolic steroids. Steroid use has quadrupled as young men try to get the desired tanned,tank-topped and ripped Love Island look.  Currently, the selfie generation has instant gratification, so it is no surprise that younger people are opting for botox and fillers in the hopes of achieving the perfect look. The average millennial takes twenty-eight thousand selfies annually. Constantly viewing themselves on a camera lens leads to them being constantly critical of their image. This is what influenced the #InstagramCouple.

I enjoyed this project because it raised my awareness about sustainability in the fashion industry. The project required me to upcycle second hand denim to create the look for my #InstagramCouple. I employed distress, embroidery, sewing, printing and patchwork. On the photoshoot, I wanted to create a juxtaposition between the contrived #InstagramCouple and a natural environment. This is why I photographed the couple in the Burren where they seem lost and isolated from reality.